The Abundant – Green Aventurine Bracelet


Green Aventurine is known to be one of the luckiest stones. Welcome good luck and prosperity into your life. Green Aventurine promotes harmony and balance. Boosting your luck, confidence and feelings of optimism, and, enhancing your manifestation power and positive energy. Its luck-enhancing ability opens your energy field to increase your magnetism to attract new opportunities and possibilities.

Perfect for The Abundant who wants to create your own luck and find opportunity in every situation you encounter. For anyone who wants to see light in everything, who always looks for something to be grateful for no matter the circumstance, and make the most of it. Trust that you will get what you want or something even better.

Green Aventurine’s Magic: Good Luck. Optimism. Confidence. Harmony. Openness.

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Gemstone: Green Aventurine
Cord: Stretch Elastic (Polyurethane)
Accents: Brass with Gold / Rose Gold Plating

Natural gemstones and crystals come from minerals. Due to the nature of it, each stone may have inclusions and imperfections. Each and every stone may also have variations in size and color, and certain stones have more of such variations than others.

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13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm