The Creative – Carnelian Bracelet


Carnelian encapsulates the feeling of joy and excitement and adrenaline when you are on a creative adventure. Tap into your creative energy and imagination. Carnelian connects you to your heart centre and your passion so you can freely and confidently express yourself creatively.

Carnelian is for The Creative, anyone who wants to explore the creative part of yourself. Explore your creativity, your big ideas and pursue your dreams with confidence. You have got this! Believe in what inspires and motivates you.

Carnelian’s Magic: Self-Confidence. Creativity. Motivation. Determination. Taking Action.

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Gemstone: Carnelian
Cord: Stretch Elastic (Polyurethane)
Accents: Brass with Gold / Rose Gold Plating

Natural gemstones and crystals come from minerals. Due to the nature of it, each stone may have inclusions and imperfections. Each and every stone may also have variations in size and color, and certain stones have more of such variations than others.

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13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm