Crystals for Weight Loss

Crystals for Weight Loss: 15 Best Stones to Transform Your Body

The journey to losing weight is often an uphill battle for many people. It’s hard to stay on a diet or exercise routine and finally get the results you want.

Crystals can bring balance and healing energies to any situation. Could it be true that they also have the power to help you with weight loss? Have some people discovered a way to tap into the universe and use crystals for aiding with their body transformation journey?

In this article, I’ll explain how certain crystals can support your efforts as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan to help you reach your goals much faster.

Can Crystals Really Help with Help Loss?

Stepping on a Weighing Scale
Stepping on a Weighing Scale

Using crystals for weight loss is an increasingly popular practice. But can these crystals actually help someone lose weight?

The answer is yes and no. It depends on what your expectations are of them. They’re not going to help you achieve your goals overnight, but crystals do have the potential to be used in healing and wellness practices to promote balance in the body. So indeed, they cannot directly cause weight loss. But what they can do, is help to create a more positive mindset by promoting emotional balance and reducing stress levels. This in turn can contribute to better overall health, including helping people make healthier food choices or naturally reduce calorie consumption.

Never underestimate the power of crystals and their ability to affect energy levels. They are worth exploring if you’re looking for additional support with your weight loss goals!

How Exactly Does Crystals Help with Weight Loss?

Crystals are known for their healing powers, and many people believe that they can help with weight loss as well. Crystals may not be a miracle solution for weight loss, but they can certainly provide support in reaching one’s health goals.

Promote Positive Energies & Deflect Negative Energies

Crystals widely used to promote positive energy and deflect negative energies, resulting in improved mental and emotional wellbeing. This can help reduce cravings related to stress eating and anxiety-fueled snacking. The improved mental clarity associated with regular crystal use can also assist dieters in making better food choices as they strive toward their ideal weight.

By boosting both physical by and emotional health, crystals may make starting a fitness regime or sticking to a diet easier than ever before! Many practitioners even encourage their clients to carry an empowering crystal around with them during their weight loss journey for an extra motivational boost.

Improve Mental State

Crystals are believed to have the power to influence energies and improve the individual’s mental state as well. Weight loss is largely influenced by one’s mental wellbeing, so naturally, improving this area of life could result in better performance when striving to lose weight.

With the right combination of lifestyle changes and crystal therapy, significant progress can be made in no time at all!

What Crystals Are Good For Weight Loss?

Crystals for Weight Loss Infographic
Crystals for Weight Loss Infographic

Certain crystals are believed to be useful for weight loss. Here are some that are known to be popular with weight management.

1. Blue Apatite

Apatite Lunary Crystals

Blue apatite is a powerful crystal that can be used to support weight loss efforts. It not only helps to reduce cravings, but it also motivates us to achieve our goals.

With this remarkable blue crystal, we can enjoy enhanced willpower and discipline for staying the course and achieving our desired weight.

It can help boost your metabolism by stimulating the throat chakra which balances communication and expression with daily routine. This means you’re more likely to stick to your eating plan and exercise when you have blue apatite on your side.

Besides its physical benefits, blue apatite also helps us set intentions and attract specific energies that promote self-confidence, courage, and inner strength. All of these things are critical in having a successful weight loss journey!

2. Amethyst


The amethyst crystal is a powerful stone for manifesting your dream body! Commonly believed to have calming, soothing, and healing properties, it’s excellent for attracting weight loss.

Amethyst helps clear negative energy, promotes self-control, soothes emotions, and encourages positive thinking. With the help of this energizing crystal, you can become more focused on achieving your body goals.

On a practical level, amethyst assists in breaking overindulgent habits—perfect for beating those cravings that often derail healthy lifestyles. Attune yourself to the healing power of amethyst just by carrying it with you or wearing it on a necklace or bracelet.

Finally, keep an amethyst nearby you when practicing mindful eating or exercising – imagine how much more motivated you’ll be!

3. Sodalite

Sodalite Lunary Crystals

Sodalite has a deep blue color vibrates at a frequency that helps you lose weight in a few different ways.

Firstly, sodalite helps to dissolve unhealthy cravings, such as after-meal snacks or sugary sweets. It encourages you to only eat when your body truly needs it and not just out of boredom or peer pressure.

Sodalite also works on the emotional level by helping you stay focused towards achieving your goal. This is important because staying motivated can be difficult in the long run. By tapping into this crystal’s energy, you’ll find it easier to stay dedicated even if progress seems slow.

Also, this crystal encourages self-trust and confidence, which are key ingredients for continuing on your journey despite any hardships that may arise along the way.

4. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Lunary Crystals

It’s believed that clear quartz can help to raise energy levels and eliminate negative emotions like stress and anxiety, making it a very powerful stone for weight loss.

It works by balancing hormones, increasing metabolism, and improving your motivation so you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and reach your goals.

By focusing on clear quartz during meditation, visualization, and affirmations – you can amplify its healing powers. Use these techniques to help strengthen your willpower and stay on track with your diet or exercise routine.

You can also carry clear quartz in your pocket or keep it near you as a reminder towards achieving your goals. Take time to connect with the crystal each day and feel its positive energies help set you on the right path towards a healthier lifestyle!

5. Carnelian

Carnelian Lunary Crystals

Carnelian is a very grounding and energizing stone that helps with sluggishness and lethargy.

This lovely orange crystal has the power to stimulate your appetite and activity levels, so it’ll help motivate you when it comes to exercise or physical activity.

It encourages action that leads to success in one of your most important endeavors: losing weight. Carnelian will give you the boost of motivation and positive energy you need to make consistent progress along your weight-loss journey!

In addition, carnelian also helps with self-acceptance and self worth. This means that as you shed those extra pounds, you love yourself more and are more comfortable in your own skin. All this enhances body acceptance which can go a long way towards successful weight loss! 

6. Sunstone

Sunstone Lunary Crystals

Sunstone is a powerful crystal for weight loss due to its energizing and upbeat properties. Sunstone is known as the “happiness stone” because it brings joy, enthusiasm, and enhances motivation–all essential ingredients for success in any journey towards health or wellness.

Sunstone energizes you and helps keep your spirits high when you’re feeling discouraged during weight loss. It also helps you stay focused on your goals and gives you the boost of confidence when facing a challenge.

When working with sunstone, envision yourself surrounded by its vibrant yellow hue that embues you with an unstoppable zest for life. By allowing its energy to fill your spirit, you feel driven to make healthier choices without constant effort or struggle. Use this crystal while engaging in physical activity to help maintain focus and continuously experience positive results.

7. Epidote

Epidote Lunary Crystals
Epidote Lunary Crystals

Epidote is not only a powerful crystal for weight loss, but it’s also very effective for clearing away negative energy and unwanted patterns in your life.

Epidote is said to bring about motivation and clarity so you can stay on track with the decisions you make regarding your health and wellbeing. It encourages physical activity and helps you stick to the goals your set for yourself.

This gemstone is known for its ability to encourage regeneration of skin and muscles, which can help speed up your results. It’s fantastic for boosting self-esteem and confidence too – making it easier to celebrate all your hard work!

It also works well combined with a vision board – as together they create an energetic movement that will reinforce your commitment each day!

8. White Quartz

White Quartz Lunary Crystals
White Quartz Lunary Crystals

White quartz can lend an emotional boost when it comes to seeing physical results from your dedication. It helps build self-confidence and sparks determination to get into peak shape. 

White quartz also works in subtle ways to ensure that you stay consistent with your diet and exercise goals. If you need help staying motivated while on your journey of weight loss, it’s said that the energies from white quartz lend a sense of determination and focus in achieving your goals.

In addition to this, since our bodies are made up of energy, white quartz helps in balancing the energy within our bodies so that we can become more open-minded about health and wellness choices. Its properties are said to bring forth courage, inspiration and clarity into our lives which all increases one’s ability to lose weight with ease!

9. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Lunary Crystals

Connect to a green aventurine crystal and it will help you get into a state of mental clarity, accelerated learning, improved decisions-making and concentration – ideal when starting out on any new diet routine!

It’s also known as the “Prosperity Stone” so it can be beneficial for those looking to kickstart weight loss with its flow of energy and wealth into your life. It brings balance, opportunity, luck and success – great to have when starting a journey towards health and wellness.

Green aventurine encourages self-growth and renewal so having it around during any weight loss journey can bring feelings of perseverance, courage and strength – which is vital for those tackling a tough diet plan. Its strong ability to increase alertness helps keep focused on targets throughout each step of the process.

10. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye strengthens your will power making it much easier to stick to your diet and exercise routine. If you want to break free of bad habits or addictions, tiger’s eye helps give you the strength to make that happen!

This crystal unlocks creativity in areas related to health and wellness, infusing them with strength and confidence. In addition, it increases motivation and helps facilitate new healthy routines.

Tiger’s eye also helps balance hormones, aiding in stress relief which is important for maintaining a healthy weight. With its wide range of benefits for weight loss, I highly recommend using this beautiful crystal during your journey!

11. Iolite

Iolite Lunary Crystals

Iolite teaches you how to recognize unhelpful patterns that contribute to weight gain or an inability to lose weight. The subtle vibrations of this crystal will also help you develop improved eating habits and lifestyle changes that pave the way for lasting success in achieving your health goals.

Iolite balances hormones, enhances willpower, and keeps emotional eating at bay so that you can focus on forming healthier habits without getting overwhelmed. Whenever those cravings hit – just reach for an iolite for guidance and motivation!

12. Peridot

Peridot Lunary Crystals

Peridot is a beautiful, olive-green colored crystal that has healing properties to support successful weight loss. It helps promote healthy metabolism and stimulates cleansing, restoring balance within the body.

It also helps with detoxification, making it easier to shed the extra pounds and reduce bloating. Peridot works hard to break down fat, cleanse fatty tissues and flush away all toxins from the body.

Peridot has a calming effect on the mind and emotions as well. This stabilizing effect helps increase motivation, self-discipline, positive thought patterns and personal power for successful weight loss.

This crystal also strengthens our mental focus by clearing static thoughts and distractions often associated with dieting or exercise routines. With its support, individuals can more easily stay united in their journey towards weight loss goals!

13. Citrine


Citrine is believed to help with digestion, reduce food cravings, and promote self-discipline.

This crystal also encourages enthusiasm and creativity which might come in handy when developing a healthier diet plan or when you’re feeling down about your progress.

It is said that Citrine vibrates with the solar plexus chakra; this helps to cleanse out any stuck energy or emotional blockages that may be causing weight issues and unhealthy eating habits.

Not only that, Citrine helpfully boosts motivation, energy levels, and positive attitude so that you don’t give up on achieving your goals!

14. Moonstone


The energy that moonstone radiates helps to subconsciously connect you with the moon’s wise energy, allowing you to tap into the power of your own intuition.

This crystal encourages an enlightened perspective on food and weight loss and invites discipline. The calming energies of Moonstone can help soothe away intrusive emotions and cravings that can lead to overeating or unhealthy food choices.

Moonstone is an excellent choice for those trying to lose weight, as it helps move stagnant energy in our bodies that could be causing us to retain unwanted pounds. It’s also believed to bring good luck, which can provide encouragement when trying to stick with your weight loss goals!

15. Amazonite


Amazonite is believed to help with releasing excess weight as it represents physical and emotional balance.

This stone gently encourages both men and women to achieve clarity and satisfaction, allowing us to cut loose the mental or emotional baggage that could be contributing to weight gain.

Amazonite soothes fear and self-unguardedness while it increases our ability to evaluate self-worth and take risks during decisions related to our appearance or confidence.

Holding an amazonite in each hand while meditating can promote acceptance of ourselves by encouraging understanding and patience. It can also help build a strong sixth sense that will enable you to establish strong boundaries when it comes to release unwanted excesses.

Benefits of Using Crystals for Weight Loss

Crystals can be beneficial for weight loss in many ways. As an energetic vibrational tool, crystals bring the power of healing and transformation to your journey of weight loss.

Boost in Motivation & Commitment

Using crystals helps to boost your motivation and give you a deeper level of commitment to achieving your goals. Crystals can help you program positive affirmations and stay focused on reaching your goals, which leads to positive action toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Creating an Energizing Atmosphere

Crystals also create an energizing atmosphere that helps elevate the calorie-burning process while making exercise seem less challenging and more enjoyable. And, with their cleansing energy, they help bring toxins from the body out through sweat or elimination channels like urine and stools.

Help on an Emotional Level

Woman Relaxing on a Chair
Woman Relaxing on a Chair

Crystals can even work on an emotional level that’s related to food habits and indulgences; helping reduce stress, anger, sadness or other food triggers that could hinder weight loss efforts. Their vibrations have been known to reprogram subconscious thoughts and behavioral patterns in relation to unhealthy eating habits as well as sleeplessness or lack of physical activity.

How to Use Crystals for Weight Loss

Crystals have long been used to support weight loss efforts. To use crystals effectively, start by selecting crystals that correspond with your goals or intentions, then use incorporate them into your daily lives as follows.

Wear Crystals as Jewelry or Carry Them With You

Double Bracelet
Crystal Bracelets

There are so many ways that you can use crystals to help you with your weight loss journey. One of the easiest ways is to wear them or carry them with you.

These crystals act as reminders and sources of positive vibes when you need it most. Just by having the crystal near your body, it will raise your vibration and change how you feel about yourself.

Carrying a crystal in your pocket or wearing a piece of jewelry with one can give you a feeling of personal power and confidence. It will also surround you an a powerful sense of protection against all the negativity that can surround us in our daily lives.

For Establishing You Goals and Intentions

When working with crystals for weight loss, it is important to establish your goals and intentions so they are crystalized and precise. Your intention should be focused, detail out the desired outcome you want to see in life.

For instance, if you want to burn fat or lose 10 pounds of weight then you can set a very specific intention like or “I intend that I reach and maintain my ideal body weight of 10 pounds.”

You must remember that the power of your words will impact how successful the crystal healing process is so use positive language around your goals and keep it in present tense. Also remember to focus on what you want rather than what don’t want!

Focusing on your future vision will help streamline the crystal healing process and keep your conscious mind from sabotaging the efforts. Not only will visualizing your desired outcome influence you but also make sure to write down these intentions so that they are crystal clear for yourself.

Use Crystals in Meditation

Meditating with Amethyst in Hand
Meditating with Amethyst in Hand

Since ancient times, spiritual practitioners have used crystals as tools during meditation to bring peace, harmony and balance into their lives. As you meditate with your chosen crystals, you can focus on manifesting your desires and positive energy will flow through your body.

The benefits of using crystal meditation can be far reaching and long-lasting, including but not limited to weight loss! Crystals are powerful talismans that encourage goal-setting and give you additional motivation to stay dedicated when the going gets tough.

As an added bonus, start each session with an intention for healthy eating and exercise habits! This combination creates the perfect recipe for success in achieving your desired body weight.

Place Crystals in Your Environment

Placing crystals in your environment creates an energetic link between you and the crystal which amplifies its properties. This means that simply having a crystal nearby multiplies its power!

Place certain crystals around areas in your home where you are tempted to overindulge, such as around the kitchen or refrigerator. Here, the crystals will help neutralize cravings by clearing negative energy from your space and keeping you grounded.

Crystals placed throughout your environment will help keep you focused on mindful eating and support lifestyle changes that promote lifelong health benefits!

Use Crystals in Aromatherapy

Crystals and aromatherapy make a great combination for weight loss! Crystals amplify the effects of essential oils to get you closer to your goals.

Essential oils have unique scents which invoke powerful psychological responses in the brain. The right scent can provide motivation and focus while stimulating concentration, creating an environment that is conducive to weight-loss success.

Whatever crystal you decide on, pair it with your favorite essential oil and experience the power of aromatherapy enhanced by crystals!

Create a Crystal Grid

Healing Crystal Grid
Healing Crystal Grid

Creating a crystal grid is a powerful way to help focus intention and amplify energy towards any goal. If your goal is related to weight loss, set intentions for yourself and organize the crystals on a grid in an arrangement that works for you.

Crystal grids are used to direct energy from the crystals towards something specific. Before beginning, take some time to meditate and clear your mind of any distractions. Once your thoughts are focused, select crystals that enhance whatever intention you’ve set.

The grid should be arranged in a specific pattern, such as a circle or spiral, depending on what feels best for you. Place each crystal at one of the grid intersections with purposeful movements and visualize your desired outcome every time your place a crystal onto the grid.

Finish by saying an affirmation or prayer devoted to achieving your intention and envision power radiating out into the universe!

Are There Disadvantages in Using Crystals to Help with Weight Loss?

Using crystals for weight loss is not as simple as placing a crystal on your body and expecting to magically see the pounds drop off. There are also potential drawbacks to using crystals for weight loss that you should be aware of.

Using with Wrong Intentions

Though crystals can definitely help with weight loss, it only can help you if you have the right intentions and have a strong and positive mindset.

Some people are skeptical about the power of crystals to successfully and safely help with losing weight. Approaching with a negative mindset will likely not help you achieve your goal despite the use of crystals.

Mistaken as a Replacement for Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Crystals are not a replacement for healthy lifestyle habits such as eating well and exercising. Instead, they should only be used as an additional tool to enhance the effects of diet and exercise in order to reach your weight goals.

Difficult Finding the Correct information

It can be difficult to find reliable information about how and which crystals work for weight loss, so some may end up wasting time and money trying the wrong ones or the wrong ways to use them.

Crystals Alone are Not the Solution

Depending on how long an individual has been overweight and their health condition, they could need more than just crystals to achieve their desired result.

Crystals alone cannot replace healthy eating habits and exercise. They must be paired with other lifestyle changes in order to be effective.

Final Words

It’s important to note that while crystals cannot do the work needed to create lasting change in health behaviors, they can act as supports if used mindfully and combined with other healthy choices.

So if you want a little extra boost on your weight-loss journey, take some time to explore which crystals could benefit you the most!

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