How to Cleanse Crystal Bracelet

How to Cleanse a Crystal Bracelet

Why Should You Cleanse Your Crystal Bracelet?

Crystals are made of small points or clusters of mineral matter and can be found all over the world. Crystals have a unique frequency, or vibration, which is determined by a number of factors including the size and shape. It is believed that crystals emit positive and negative ions to help balance out your thoughts, feelings, skin health, and overall mood.

When you cleanse your crystal bracelet regularly it will maintain its energy for longer periods of time. This can lead to more efficient results because the energy within it won’t fade away between uses. When you cleanse your crystal, you are helping maintain its energy and clean it of any negative energy that may have built up. By cleaning your crystal regularly, you can see results quickly.

Here are some ways you can cleanse your crystal bracelet effectively.

How Often Should You Cleanse a Crystal Bracelet?

Crystals are an amazing way to cleanse and heal the body, mind and soul. But how often should you really cleanse your crystal? Let’s take a look at when it makes sense to do so.

Smaller stones like Amethyst may only need a quick cleansing once every few months, while larger crystals like Selenite may need a deep-cleaning session every 2-3 weeks.

There are also many other factors such as the individual wearing the bracelet, the energy and environment where the crystal was in, how often the crystal was used.

As a rule of thumb, if your crystal is not looking or feeling like itself anymore, then it may be time to give it a good cleanse. Here are some tips for how you can do so.

Here are 7 Ways You Can Cleanse Your Crystal Bracelets Today

Read on more to see which is the most suitable way for you to cleanse your crystal bracelets.

1. Cleansing a Crystal Bracelet with Running Water

Running Water

Cleanse your crystal bracelet with running water to remove any and all unwanted energies. During cleansing, you will want to hold the crystal under a stream of running water while focusing on its cleansing properties. While holding the crystal bracelet under the running water, you can say an intent to bless the crystal with positive vibrations, such as:

“Water cleanse this stone in order to bring about the highest and greatest good. I give this stone my blessing of love, light and protection.”

You can repeat this intent out loud or silently, and then hold your intention while envisioning the crystals becoming more pure and energized with each passing second. When you’re done cleansing your crystals, allow them to air-dry.

For best results, perform a cleansing ritual once every 3 months for each of your crystal bracelet. Be sure to dry down your crystals once you have cleanse them.

2. Cleansing a Crystal Bracelet with Natural Light

Light Rays

The energy of the sun, when harnessed as a healing light in the form of Prana, is both revitalizing and refreshing. Crystals are just like any other object in that they absorb negative energy from negative thoughts and people. This may seem a little too New Age-y for some people, but crystals have been used for centuries to clear negativity out of space.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals with natural sunlight – you can place them in direct sunlight outside or place them on your windowsill so that they are illuminated by the sun on an overcast day. You can also light a candle on each side of your crystals and move the crystals according to the sun’s path, so that they are always in direct sunlight. This process is referred to as “charging” your crystal.

Here is an easy way to cleanse your crystals with the power of sunlight:

First, create a circle of healing stones around your clean crystal. Hold each stone as you say aloud that it represents one of your chakras. Visualize yourself surrounded by healing energy emitted from each stone. Then visualize this energy surrounding your crystal in a luminous white light and cleansing it from all negativity.

This simple process will cleanse your crystal of any negative energy from negative people and places it has absorbed. Some of the stones may have negative energy from other times, so you may want to pick a new stone for each cycle. If you wish, burn incense during the cleansing process as well.

3. Cleansing a Crystal Bracelet with Moonlight

Full Moon

You don’t actually need a full moon for cleansing, but it is helpful if you want the quickest and most powerful results. Moonlight is very powerful and harnessing this energy will help your crystals reach their highest potential. All you have to do is charge your crystals in moonlight for a couple of hours, or until they become fully charged. You may have to do more than one charge session, especially if you have a larger crystal that needs more energy.

Another way to cleanse crystal bracelets with moonlight is to meditate outside while the moon is out, and then place your crystals on top of the grass in the moonlight. The vibrations will flow from the crystal into the earth, cleansing it and making it stronger. This method is very simple and you don’t even need to be outside if there isn’t enough time or weather issues (such as rain).

You can also charge your crystal bracelet in moonlight is when the moon is waxing or waning and it’s out all night long. If you can’t remember the phase of the moon and don’t know when it will be full again, then you have a few options. You can either go outside and look at the moon, or use your phone’s calendar to find out what phase the moon is in right now. If it’s waxing, it means it rises higher in the sky as it gets closer to full and will appear brighter. If it’s waning, then it goes lower in the sky as the cycle continues, and will get dimmer.

Make sure the moon is out and visible, because if it’s cloudy then there won’t be any energy for your crystals and they won’t be affected the same way. If you’re not able to get outside, you can still use moonlight from inside; just open up all the windows in your house so that you can feel a part of nature while cleansing your crystal.

4. Cleansing a Crystal Bracelet by Smudging

Smudge Stick

Smudging is an ancient Lakota purification ritual that uses a bundle of dried sage leaves tied together with red thread. A feather is then passed through the bundle and waved gently above people or things being cleansed to release the cleansing effects. Smudge sticks are often used to bless homes and objects by hanging them in windows, on doorways, or next to pictures as a way of releasing energy imprints from daily life.

Smudging is a wonderful way to cleanse a crystal bracelet. The process can be easily done by yourself. I recommend trying smudging because it makes you feel more connected to the power of the process and you feel more of its effects. It also gives you an opportunity to set up your healing intentions for the smudging process.

Items needed for the smudging process:

  • sage bundle
  • feather
  • your crystal bracelet
  • a dish for the charcoal
  • sand

Below are the steps needed to perform your own smudging process on your crystal bracelet or necklace.

1. Light the charcoal brick on fire and place it in the center of a fire safe dish filled with sand.

2. Take a few moments to relax, clear your mind, and focus your healing intentions for cleansing your crystal bracelet or necklace.

3. Pass the sage bundle over the lit charcoal until it starts to smoke and then move it in a clockwise direction above your crystal bracelet or necklace while focusing on your intentions.

4. When finished, wrap the sage bundle in a clean cloth or place it in a sealed plastic bag and store it to be used again some other time.

5. Take your crystal bracelet or necklace outside into fresh air to let the smoke dissipate before wearing. It’s not necessary to wear it again right away unless you desire to do so.

6. If you prefer a professional smudging service, many stones stores will offer these services to customers. It’s also a good idea to check with your local metaphysical store for how they handle their smudging needs.

When done correctly, the smudging process can be very powerful in removing unwanted energy attachments. If you prefer to have someone else do it, then check with your local metaphysical store.

5. Cleansing a Crystal Bracelet with Salt Water

Sea Salt

Firstly, to cleanse your bracelet, you will need:

  • 1 tablespoon of salt or sea salt
  • a bowl or small dish
  • warm water (preferably distilled)
  • a glass jar or bottle with airtight lid and a tight fitting cap

Here are the steps to take:

1. Mix the salt into the warm water until it’s fully dissolved then pour the mixture into your jar or bottle. Make sure the bracelet is soaked in the salt water. Once it’s completely submerged, close the jar tightly. This is going to be for about 24 hours.

2. After this period of time, rinse the bracelet under a tap for a few seconds and squeeze it out with your hands. Let it air dry and enjoy your clean bracelet!

3. The salt water can be used up to four times before you will need to cleanse your crystal braclet again. It is recommended that you put the bracelet in the salt water for one night every month or few month, depending on your usage. The cleansing will also help to clear the crystals from all negative energies.

6. Cleansing a Crystal Bracelet with the Earth


Earth can even be used to cleanse the crystals. Earth is a naturally occurring element found in soil, rocks, petrified wood and certain minerals. Earth is a basic component of a crystal bracelet. Earth can be used to cleanse, charge and amplify the energy of a crystal bracelet.

Cleansing a crystal bracelet with earth is very simple. When you want to cleanse your crystal bracelet, find a pot in your yard where you can bury the bracelet in the soil overnight. If you are going to bury in a space out of your compounds, make sure you make a mark so that you don’t lose your bracelets. You can also tie your bracelet to a small piece of cotton string and leave it unburied so that you can easily locate it.

If you are afraid of the rain washing away the soil, place something heavy (i.e. rocks or whatever you wish to use) on top of the bracelet to press the earth into it. This will keep the earth in place while you are sleeping.

7. How to Cleanse a Crystal Bracelet with a Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl

A Crystal Cleanse or Rejuvenation using a singing bowl and chanting can remove unwanted energies from the bracelet.

When you are performing the cleansing, be sure that you are in a relaxed state of mind and in a place where they will not be disturbed. A place outdoors or a quiet room, free from any outside energy, is ideal.

Here are the steps:

  • Place your crystal bracelet on a soft cloth right beside your singing bowl
  • Press the mallet and move it in a clockwise direction on the outside of the bowl to make it “sing”, to get rid of unwanted energy
  • Do this for about 10 minutes, or until you can sense that the cleansing is complete
  • Remember to thank the singing bowl after you are done

In Conclusion

As you know, certain crystals can be used to amplify energy and vibrations. This can cause the crystals to accumulate energies that are not being used. Cleansing your crystal is a straightforward way to keep it clear and energized. I hope that this article has helped you to gain some knowledge on the different ways you can go about cleansing your crystal bracelets.

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